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Delivery of goods from China with turnkey customs clearance

We deliver FCL “door-to-door” from different cities of China to Russia by express direct trains within 28 days.

We estimate the delivery route considering the Client’s most critical demands: price, transit time or railway train clearance accuracy. You have NO need in scheduling of transportation and arrangement of customs clearance individually. We DO this.

We sign a contract and forward goods promptly by rail from China’s terminal to the RF terminal. Freight forwarding services covers destination terminal handling in the RF terminal, customs clearance of goods and motor freight forwarding to the Client's stock.

Please make and application and our Manager will estimate the delivery cost for you.

We deliver a container by rail sooner than others deliver by sea

“Sea + rail” multimodal delivery conditions are standard but such delivery is slower than simple delivery of goods by train. According to these conditions the goods first is delivered by sea to the RF port, like to Vladivostok, St. Petersburg or Novorossiysk. Afterwards the containers are reloaded to the trains.

If the sea delivery is avoided the speed is increased, the time costs for rigging and stock storage are reduced, which is sometimes required while waiting for the train departure.

When the containers are delivered by rail they are immediately loaded to trains that move towards the Client's region. Therefore the train delivery is usually faster than by sea.

Speed is the key advantage of a direct railway delivery. If the delivery is arranged properly, the estimate train delivery period for Guangzhou-Moscow route is 28 days, instead of 45.

We support the commercial, logistics and manufacturing companies

Such companies like IEK GROUP, China Unicom, Alibaba, Neptune Logistics and others entrust their goods with us. They transport IT equipment, household goods, clothing, office supplies, etc. with us. They are satisfied with the price for delivery of goods from China.

For turnkey delivery of goods from China the cost is estimated personally.

We always find better and legal solutions to keep our clients under budget.

For example we work with China terminals with no middlemen involved. This allows us guaranteeing the best market price for you. In particular from Guangdong, Chongqing and Szechuan provinces.


Scope of service
  • shipping from the Vendor's stock to China terminal;
  • terminal costs in China’s terminals;
  • delivery by express train from China to Russia;
  • destination terminal handling at the destination terminal and terminal handling of a container delivered;
  • customs clearance of goods;
  • shipping from the RF terminal to the Client's stock;
  • precise estimate of delivery and customs costs;
  • contract execution;
  • shipping from the China terminal to the RF terminal;
  • customs clearance of goods on the border;
  • rigging operations;
  • container insurance;
  • goods certificates;
  • inspection where required by the customs authorities;
  • assistance in handing complex issues during customs clearance;
  • production lead time scheduling and final shop inspection in China.
Calculation of the transportation cost
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