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Customs clearance

We arrange customs clearance of any goods delivered from China and other countries: containerized, LCL, specimen, etc. We clear thereof against broker’s or Client’s seal under “Import 40” regime. Under such regime we move goods inside Customs Union countries and import domestic goods into Russia.

You can promptly solve any issues at various border inspection posts with assistance of our specialists. They know well the specifics of customs authorities operations on China’s border and assist in delivery of goods without extra costs.

We will ensure support in cost estimate for customs clearance. Please make an application and our Manager will contact you in the coming business hours.

Why you usually turn to the specialists for assistance to clear goods from China in the customs authorities

The Federal Customs Service from time to time revises the process regulations. To clear the goods in the customs authorities a properly documented declaration to be submitted only. Next a document package to be attached which is required for a specific consignment of goods and then the customs authority’s decision is awaited.

It seems that it’s not complicated but sometimes you have to wait a year for the goods to undergo customs clearance. Most commonly this happens due to errors in the documentation. During this period the equipment is outworn and the products are deteriorated. Sometimes the goods are seized or the fine to be paid. To avoid this you should address the skilled specialists.

The logistics and customs experts do not recommend going own way where there are no well-established relations with the customs checkpoints and understanding of customs procedures.


Our pros

We will assist you to clear the goods in the customs authority including:

  • fill in a declaration, file a declaration against our or your stamp;
  • go through the goods inspection where required by the customs authority;
  • estimate the state fee;
  • pay the customs fees where required.

Our experts will always suggest you the appropriate actions in case of any difficulties with the customs authority.

We will never help you if you need a transit, re-export, clearance of dangerous goods, import and export of precious metals, etc. We handle only the traditional goods imported into Russia from different countries like clothing, equipment, household goods, office supplies and other safe goods.

We suggest two types of cooperation

  1. Full customs clearance of goods: file a customs declaration to the customs authorities against our stamp;
  2. Fill in a customs declaration template without filing to the authorities. In this case you do it yourself against the electronic corporate stamp.

Most of our clients select the first option since it allows them sharing their risks with a customs broker, avoiding any problems, meeting deadlines and not suffering extra costs due to inevitable errors. The customs clearance includes:

  • verification of the Client's shipping documents - contract, invoice, packing list, etc.;
  • verification and selection of HS codes for goods;
  • submission of a document package to the customs authority;
  • payments - fees, duties, taxes under the Contract terms and conditions, cost of goods, delivery specifics;
  • solving any potential issues and taking other actions for the Client’s benefit in compliance with the customs regulations like inspections;
  • issue of completed declaration to the Client.

During customs clearance we propose the additional services like terminal handling of goods in Moscow terminals, temporary storage warehouse in the terminal, transportation of containers from the terminal by road, shipping insurance, etc.

You should submit the following documents for customs clearance:

  • formal foreign trade contract including the details of parties;
  • invoice and packing list including the details and BOM;
  • when required - export declaration or price list - justification of cost and customs calculation method;
  • agreement with a customs broker and freight forwarder and other shipping documents;
  • payment orders - payment confirmation or security;
  • certificates, permits, declarations of conformity and other documents as applicable.


Cost of service

The cost is estimated on an individual basis. But see below the price for customs clearance for your convenience so that you can estimate the approximate cost. The service is paid via bank transfer.

We follow the rules and regulations. Our Company’s experts will minimize your costs using different but always legal methods. Among the options - a competent rate determination:

  • customs import duty 0-20% of the cost of goods;
  • VAT - 0.10 or 20%, to be specified according to HS code;
  • customs duty according to the declared value of goods.
The order of work
Why the professional customs clearance services are selected for goods from China

You are protected against any missed delivery deadlines, downtimes and material losses with us. We will ensure safety and insurance of your goods. If any non-routine situation in the customs authority we will be in touch and help you. You will always know the customs clearance status for your goods.

You can reduce labor costs and investments to delivery of goods from China if you order “door-to-door” delivery.

Calculation of the transportation cost
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