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AVM Logistics

We deliver goods
from China and ensure customs clearance

We will ensure support in cost estimate for delivery and customs clearance of goods. Please make an application and our Manager will contact you in business hours.

We ensure “door-to-door” delivery by express railway trains, customs clearance, transportation of goods from the manufacturer's shop to the consignee terminal or from the shipping terminal to the destination terminal by road, production lead time monitoring and scheduling, insurance of goods, shop final inspection of goods in China and terminal handling in the terminals.

We make NO transportation of dangerous substances, perishable goods and precious metals, neither export nor re-export or transit.

We operate “Import 40” regime: transport the domestic goods.

We support the commercial, logistics and manufacturing companies with a turnover from 100 mln to 1 bln RUR. We operate via FCL only - Full Container Load. I.e. when the goods in the container is owned by a single consignee.

Our killer feature - “integrated door-to-door delivery of goods within 28 days” covers:

  • motor freight forwarding of a container ex stock to the terminal in China;
  • terminal costs in China’s terminals;
  • delivery by express train from China to Russia;
  • destination terminal handling at the destination terminal and terminal handling of a container delivered;
  • customs clearance of goods;
  • motor freight forwarding of a container from the terminal to the Client's stock.

Optional services:

  • terminal and TSW handing of goods in Moscow terminals;
  • transportation of containers from the terminals by road;
  • freight insurance;
  • certification;
  • container insurance;
  • goods certificates;
  • inspections of goods where requested by the customs authority;
  • assistance in handing complex issues during customs clearance;
  • production lead time monitoring and scheduling for goods in China.

We have been operating since 2017. We have an office in China and two offices in Moscow. Welcome!

Our Major Services

1. Delivery of goods from China with turnkey customs clearance

We deliver FCL “door-to-door” from different cities of China to Russia by express direct trains within 28 days.

We estimate the delivery route considering the Client’s most critical demands: price, transit time or railway train clearance accuracy. You have NO need in scheduling of transportation and arrangement of customs clearance individually. We DO this.

We sign a contract and forward goods promptly by rail from China’s terminal to the RF terminal. Freight forwarding services covers destination terminal handling in the RF terminal, customs clearance of goods and motor freight forwarding to the Client's stock.

2. Delivery of goods from China without customs clearance or other individual services

Commercial, logistics and manufacturing companies address us to order some individual services like:

  • containerized shipping without customs clearance;
  • terminal and TSW handing of goods in Moscow terminals;
  • freight and goods insurance;
  • final shop inspection of goods in China, etc.

3. Customs clearance only

We arrange customs clearance of any goods delivered from China and other countries: containerized, LCL, specimen, etc. We clear thereof against broker’s or Client’s seal under “Import 40” regime. Under such regime we move goods for our clients inside Customs Union countries and import domestic goods into Russia.

You can promptly solve any issues at various border inspection posts with assistance of our specialists. They know well the specifics of customs authorities operations on China’s border and assist in delivery of goods without extra costs.

Best price guarantee

Best price guarantee

We ensure retention guarantee for the customs clearance and railway delivery conditions from China to Russia, favorable for the Client.

For above 10 years AVM Logistics’s employees have been negotiating with the terminals in China. And some of our employees live in China, keep in touch with the terminals and solve any arisen issues.

We propose the best market price for freight forwarding. To prove this, for those who find a price lower than ours, we are either ready to drop it by $ 200 from the competitive price. Or pay $ 200 for confirmed information on lower price than ours subject to provision to us of a formal price quotation.

We have NO shadow prices for services

We estimate in a clear and transparent manner: the consignee knows the price of each delivery part and customs clearance.

Work order
1. Application
You make an application either by phone or on the website
Delivery estimate
2. Delivery estimate
We select and calculate the optimal delivery conditions
International delivery
3. International delivery
International delivery from China to Russia
Customs clearance
4. Customs clearance
We assist in customs clearance of goods when imported into Russia
Delivery to the Client
5. Delivery to the Client
We transport goods to the Client’s door
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Calculation of the transportation cost
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