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Delivery of goods from China without customs clearance or other individual services

Commercial, logistics and manufacturing companies address us to order some individual services like:

  • containerized shipping without customs clearance;
  • terminal and TSW handing of goods in Moscow terminals;
  • freight and goods insurance;
  • final shop inspection of goods in China, etc.

We will ensure support in cost estimate for delivery of goods. Please make an application and our Manager will contact you in business hours.

Why the clients select a railway containerized shipping

ABM Logistics’s experts know the specifics of Chinese railways. We agreed with the Chinese railway stations. Our experience and partnerships ensure timely delivery of containers to the RF terminal at the best price.

We ensure flexibility in design of “shop-terminal” routes. Our logistics experts estimate delivery from several adjacent terminals on different routes for the Client to select.

We advice on delivery optimization, we know how to maneuver between the train speed, cost and departure date accuracy. For example, some clients often select terminals with a high train timely departure probability while the others select the train departure accuracy.

“Shop-to-terminal” period

The train delivery with professional freight forwarding, without customs clearance, usually takes from 11 to 20 days for “terminal-to-terminal” route and a little over 20 days from the shop or plant to the consignee's terminal.

Our logistics experts estimate the delivery deadlines and costs on an individual basis. Since they depend on the shop remoteness from the shipping terminal.

We deliver a container by rail sooner than others deliver by sea

“Sea + rail” multimodal delivery conditions are standard but such delivery is slower than simple delivery of goods by train. According to these conditions the goods first is delivered by sea to the RF port, like to Vladivostok, St. Petersburg or Novorossiysk. Afterwards the containers are reloaded to the trains.

If the sea delivery is avoided the speed is increased, the time costs for rigging and stock storage are reduced, which is sometimes required while waiting for the train departure.

When the containers are delivered by rail they are immediately loaded to trains that move towards the Client's region. Therefore the train delivery is usually faster than by sea.

Speed is the key advantage of a direct railway delivery. If the delivery is arranged properly, the estimate train delivery period for Guangzhou-Moscow route is 28 days, instead of 45.

Restrictions for train delivery of containers from China

  • 20” containers are not accepted;
  • 40” containers are accepted with goods weight max 25,500 kg;
  • we make NO transportation of dangerous substances, perishable goods and precious metals, neither export nor re-export or transit;
  • we DO transport domestic goods like equipment, office supplies, clothing, household goods, etc.

“Application-to-Client’s stock” period

In Moscow the trains from China arrive at the Vorsino, Khovrino, Bely Rast, Kresty or Silikatnaya terminals.

We apply the combined shipping methods as an exception. In this case the container is delivered first by sea from one port in China to another. For this we use feeders - small vessels sailing at short distances. Then, at the nearest terminal, we reload the containers to trains moving towards Russia.

We know how to plan specific routes to reduce the shipping costs. They can be cheap but not fast or fast but not the cheapest ones. Our clients are free in selection.

Calculation of the transportation cost
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